MONTHLY WRAP UP: February, 2019

Dear book-lovers,

I can’t believe that it’s almost middle of March and I still haven’t posted my February wrap up post, so I’m here today to change that 🙂 February the same as January came and went in a blink of an eye. However, February was more productive month with blogging than January and even better reading month for me 🙂 So let’s just get to my monthly Wrap-up of February

Reads of February, 2019

During 28 days of February I managed to read 18 books. My main reading time is night, yup, I’m a night bird, who can’t go to sleep before 2 AM and quite often I read till 3 or even 5 AM… luckily for me, most of the time I can sleep in till 10 AM. Here you go my February reads:

ruthlessRuthless (True Brothers MC, #1) by Gillian Archer – 3.5* (owned eBook)

This was a fun ride on a wild side. I was entertained and enjoyed the story, however, I had a few minor issues with this book, as at times it didn’t feel realistic enough. I cared about both main characters and wanted to see HEA for them, even I didn’t particular like them that much, but by the end they grew on me. The best part was that there was no annoying drama, no OW and OM drama.

for emeryFor Emery (For You #4) by J. Nathan – 4* (ARC)

This was a sweet and wonderful new adult second chance friends-to-lovers sports romance. This was an emotional story that made me cry and smile, because I cared for these characters and was rooting for their HEA. This was a beautiful slow-burn romance read without too much OW and OM drama, which is something that I always appreciate. Overall, a cute and utterly emotional story in heart-breaking and heart-warming way.

the winers curseThe Winner’s Curse (The Winner’s Trilogy #1) by Marie Rutkoski – 3.75* – February buddy read (physical book from library)

This was an entertaining read with intriguing plot and some predictable twists and turns, however, at the end there was a major twist that took me by surprise. The romance was not the best, but I wasn’t bored while reading, also, I must admit that I enjoyed this book way more than I expected as I almost didn’t pick it up. Both MCs were well-developed and likeable.

Curse-of-the-Fae-Queen-1000Curse of the Fae Queen (Curse of the Fae Queen #1) by Delia Castel – 4.75* (ARC)

There was adventure, danger, curses, and action, mystery, magic, and romance, which created a captivating and entertaining story. Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot as it gripped me from the very beginning till the end and I can’t wait to be back in this fascinating world. This was an amazing read that I loved, with great world-building, also the characters were intriguing as each of them had their own secrets and mysteries, which was something that we had to figure out, therefore, you could never know whom to trust, this added extra layers, curiosity and twists to the story. Future books promise slow-burn reverse harem romance and I’m so here for it. This book had ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas and The Cruel Prince by Holly Black vibes, but with its own uniqueness.

resurgentResurgent (Phoenix Rising #3) by Brynley Blake – 4* (ARC)

This was a fast, enjoyable and very entertaining readThe plot was suspenseful and thrilling with dangerous adventure, sweet romance, electric chemistry, great characters and some steamy scenes. I liked Liam, Charlotte and their sweet and complicated love story.

book of soulsBook of Souls (Gods of Egypt #1) by Nadine Nightingale – 2.5* (owned eBook)

Sadly, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I expected as the idea was so cool and the story had so much potential. However, I disliked the main character because she was so weak and kind of pathetic. Also, there was so much high school drama, clichés and over the top pop culture references. It was all just too much, the same time too little actual story or some adventure, mysteries or action. There were pretty much no surprises for me, as the twists I saw like a mile away. I liked the parts were the ancient stories or myths were told. Also the last 20% of the book finally had action, danger and excitement. If most of the book had been like that then I would have enjoyed it much more.

daughter of the pirate kingDaughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King #1) by Tricia Levenseller – 5* (physical book from library)

What can I say, except that I loved this book. There was everything that a pirate book needs – adventure, action, intrigue, some angst, romance and great characters. Alosa and Riden were amazing, the same as writing, plot and world-building. It was a fun, swoony, exciting and very entertaining read. So I need to add this book to my book collection 🙂

daughter of the siren queenDaughter of the Siren Queen (Daughter of the Pirate King #2) by Tricia Levenseller (2018) – 4.5* (physical book from library)

This was another amazing, adventurous and fun story with danger, secrets and lots of action. I enjoyed the first book a tad bit more but this book didn’t disappoint with its enchanting and wonderful adventure, world and characters. The romance was not the same entertaining and exciting as in the first book, but I still loved it.

ash princessAsh Princess (Ash Princess Trilogy #1) by Laura Sebastian – 4.5* (physical book from library)

A captivating, entertaining but also heart-breaking story with secrets, betrayals, forbidden romance and darkness.   I must say that this book reminded me of The Winners Trilogy, however, this one I liked more as the romance was better. Still I took away half a star because of the love triangle that is just the trope that I don’t like, but it was quite well done within this book, so I can tolerate it. This book had some unexpected twists, fascinating characters and pages filled complex emotionsI can’t wait to read the next book.

the winner's crimeThe Winner’s Crime (The Winner’s Trilogy #2) by Marie Rutkoski – 4* /February buddy read (physical book from library)

This was heart-breaking story full of so many emotions, which at some times included also frustration from my part. There was tension, secrets, danger and forbidden romance, which in this book was better done than in the first one. And then there was just pain, so much pain. I was left with an emotional turmoil in my heart and head, because that ending was just

the winner's kissThe Winner’s Kiss (The Winner’s Trilogy, #3) by Marie Rutkoski – 4* /February buddy read (physical book from library)

A story of war and love, with full array of emotions that will make you smile and cry with its angst and melodrama. There were a few loose ends but at least I got my HEA, which is something that I very much wanted from this book because I had suffered already enough. I didn’t care much for their romance in the first book, but during the second book it kind of grew on me, so in the last book I was rooting for their love story. At the end it was an entertaining read.

love antiqueLove Antique (Rules of Love #3) by Lindsey Hart – 3.5* (ARC)

This was a very emotional and heartbreaking story with a sweet HEA ending. There was grief and a lot of deep feelings, which included lust as well, but sadly the relationship was not that deeply developed the way the rest of the story was, it just happened very fast and kind of on surface. The first 60% of the book was good, but then it went a bit down hill from there.

the riskThe Risk (Briar U, #2) by Elle Kennedy – 4.75* (owned eBook)

I just loved this steaming hot, angsty and sweet NA contemporary sports romance, which made me, cry, laugh and feel a range of different emotions. This was a treat of a book. It gave me both of my favourite tropes of enemies-to-lovers and fake dating. The chemistry, the banter and the sass was just perfect. I loved Brenna and Jake and their relationship. This was a great read.

FCcFae’s Captive (Fae’s Captive, #1) by Lily Archer – 3.5* (owned eBook)

It was an entertaining read, however, it just was too short for my liking. Sadly, the next book is even shorter, but I’m still intrigued to know what will happen next as it ended on a cliffhanger, kind of in the middle of a story, which made it feel unfinished as it’s impossible to have a well-developed and finished book just in 100 pages. I’m a bit frustrated due to the fact that this should be one book and not a trilogy. But the story has potential, as this was a beginning for an intriguing, dangerous and steamy plot.

the stone's heartThe Stone’s Heart (The Queen’s Wing #2) by Jessica Thorne – 4* (ARC)

An action packed adventure story with some twists, danger, and heart-break. A beautifully magical but nerve-wrecking space opera. The only complaint from me was the romance (unfortunately, I just didn’t feel it) and sadly there was another love triangle, which fortunately for me was again handled decently, so I didn’t hate it at the end, as it often happens with love triangles. We had a chance to get lost in the web of new dangers, secrets, magic and emotional roller-coaster, which was this story in a fascinating world.

hardest fallHardest Fall (Dominion, #2) by Juliette Cross – 3.25* (ARC)

This was a paranormal romance that I was supposed to love but, sadly, I didn’t. There was romance and tense chemistry between both MCs. However, I didn’t feel that romance, I didn’t feel them fall in love, so in the end, I didn’t fall in love with them. There was action and danger, but I didn’t really care for it or feel it. The world and the story was intriguing and exciting, however, I kind of felt indifferent towards it. The characters were great but they just didn’t matter to me. I was missing something, but just can’t put my finger on what exactly was it. However, in this case, I think that it wasn’t the book, it was me. I still think that paranormal romance fans will enjoy this book.

fangsFangs (Nightshadow #1) by Anna Katmore – 4.25* (ARC)

An entertaining book and just what I needed. It was a cute, sweet and innocent YA paranormal romance. It was a quick, light and very relaxing read, which I enjoyed very much. The romance was perfect, even though, they fell in love in a few day span, it by no means felt as insta-love, but exactly opposite, I felt like it was a beautiful slow-born romance. This book is perfect for younger teen audience because it was an innocent romance book, but also older teens and even adults could appreciate this sweet story.

BAD GIRLS High Res CoverBAD GIRLS (Rock Star Harem Series Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson – 2* (ARC)

Sadly, this steamy and a bit depressing book was just nor for me, as I very much disliked the lead female – Alexis. The four male MCs were diverse characters but at the same time they were nothing special or memorable. There was no real connection or chemistry between Alexis and her love interests. Most of the time I felt like this was pretty unrealistic, unbelievable and shallow story. I felt bored for the most part of this book.

In February I read different YA, NA and adult contemporary and fantasy romance books, which included physical books and eBooks, library and owned books, and also ARCs.

The best book of February: Daughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King #1) by Tricia Levenseller

The worst book of February: Bad Girls (Rock Star Harem Series Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson

Posts of February, 2019

February was quite a decent and productive blogging month as I wrote 30 different posts. They included several book blitzes, book cover reveals, bookish memes on Wednesdays and Fridays, and three book reviews, with a blog tour as well. If you missed any of my post you can find them here (from newest to oldest):

Books of February 2019 (New Releases)

WWW Wednesday – FEBRUARY 27, 2019

BOOK BLITZ: Book of Enchantresses by Mary Ting (EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY)

BOOK BLITZ: The Demon King’s Destiny by C.A. Worley (EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY)

ARC REVIEW: For Emery by J. Nathan

For Emery by J. Nathan

COVER REVEAL: Lycan’s Blood Queen by Catherine Edward


BOOK BLITZ: The Immortal’s Salvation by Cecelia Mecca (EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY + Free eBook)

Bookish memes on Friday – February 22, 2019 (features ‘The Risk’ by Elle Kennedy)

COVER REVEAL: Mimic by C.L. Denault

ARC REVIEW: Build by Gillian Archer

build by gillian archer

BOOK BLITZ: Fae’s Captive by Lily Archer (includes GIVEAWAY)


WWW Wednesday – FEBRUARY 20, 2019

Book Blitz: Still Not Love by Nicole Snow (EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY)


curse of the fae queen by delia castel

Bookish memes on Friday – February 15, 2019


BOOK BLITZ: Piece by Piece by RH Tucker (EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY)

MONTHLY WRAP UP: January, 2019

BOOK OF THE MONTH #1: Dream Keeper by Amber R. Duell (includes Chapter 1)

BOOK BLITZ: For the Power by Debbie Cassidy (EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY)

BOOK BLITZ: The Bet Between Us by Brandon Moore (EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY)

COVER REVEAL BLITZ: DANGEROUS ALLIANCE by Jennieke Cohen (Note from Author + Giveaway)

COVER REVEAL: The Sweetest Match by Abby Tyler (and Giveaway)

WWW Wednesday – FEBRUARY 6, 2019


Cover Package Blitz: Midnight Fire Series by Kaitlyn Davis (includes a free eBook)

2019 Reading Challenges: Update – January

COVER REVEAL: Book of the Dead by Nadine Nightingale

My favourite posts of February:


BOOK OF THE MONTH #1: Dream Keeper by Amber R. Duell (includes Chapter 1)

Most anticipated books of February, 2019

February was a moth of many wonderful new book releases, as there were over 30 books that I’m interested in, but I won’t be looking at them all here, so here is My TOP 10 Most anticipated books of January 2019. The rest of them you can find here.

lady smoke soul in darkness the risk the blood spell kill switch

dark of the west kingdom cold crown of feathers four dead queens the ruin of kings

Reading Challenges update of January, 2019

Goodreads Reading Challenge   –  31/80 (39%)

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge   – 11/20 (55%) – initial goal 10 books

The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge   – 16/35 (46%) – initial goal 5 books

The Backlist Reading Challenge   – 7/20 (35%)

Beat The Backlist Reading Challenge   – 16/50 (32%)

2019 New Release Challenge   – 14/35 (40%) – initial goal 25 books

Print Only Reading Challenge   – 10/43 (23%)

For the Love of eBooks   – 20/40 (50%) – initial goal 23 books

NetGalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge   – 9/25 (36%) – initial goal 10 books

Library Love Challenge   – 8/48 (17%)

Hodderscape Reading Challenge   – 1/12 (8%)

Year of Epic Reads 2019   – 2/12 (16%)

#Ampersand2019 Reading Challenge  – 23/45(52) (%)

More detailed 209 Reading Challenges January Update you can see here.

So here you go, this was my bookish month of February, 2019. I think that February was a great reading and writing month for me. My goal for March is still the same as it was last month – to read as many ARCs as I can, to read some more library books, and to write more book reviews on this blog and not only on Goodreads, Amazon and NetGalley 🙂 What is your goal for March?

How many books did you read in February? Which was your favourite read of February? And share in comments a link to your favourite blog post of February 😉

Happy reading,
Lady of Bookland

000 lady of bookland


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