Review Policy

I’ll accept books for reviews only if they are in my preferred genre and the synopsis sounds interesting to me. My reviews are honest and polite as I will not trash talk a book that I didn’t like. I cannot promise to be able to read the book instantly but will try my best to get to it during three month time period. Note. Do not send me your book for review before you have contacted me and received my approval. I prefer print copies but may accept electronic copies at times as well.

My preferred genres:

  • Young Adult (YA) Fantasy (especially, paranormal)
  • YA Sci-fi (especially, dystopian)
  • New Adult (NA) Fantasy
  • Middle Grade (MG) Fantasy

Genres I may consider:

  • Adult Fantasy
  • YA Contemporary/Romance
  • NA Contemporary/Romance
  • YA Mystery
  • YA Historical Fiction
  • MG Adventure
  • Adult Contemporary/Romance

Genres I am not interested:

  • Erotica
  • Horror
  • Crime/Thriller
  • Nonfiction
  • Biographies

My E-Mail: