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IMG_20191016_201225Dear book-lovers, hi! I’m Lady Of Bookland and my name is Inga.​ Book-lover, TV show addict, and business student, for house Targaryen and Ravenclaw 🙂

I would enjoy living in Bookland but sadly the map to there has been lost, so at the moment I live in Finland with my hubby and 2 wonderful Korat cats. I don’t have as much time for reading as I would wish for due to being a student once more, but I try my best. Just dreaming about reading one book a day 🙂 Oh, and I must admit that I’m not a super-fast reader, as English is not my native language, but I do read mostly books in English. I’m Latvian but most of you probably do not even know place called Latvia. A small country located in Europe on the shores of Baltic Sea. However, let’s get back to the reading, so there are many days when I do manage to read a book a day that is if I read most of the day. My reading speed could be about 2 pages in 3 minutes.

I love reading books, which you probably already have guessed 🙂 My favourite books are Young Adult fantasy with some romance and adventure mixed in, sometimes I enjoy Middle Grade fantasy, adventure, YA mystery and New Adult, Adult fantasy or romance as well. I would say that horror, thrillers and contemporary are not really my cup of tea but there are some exceptions out there. Lately I have been drawn to very dark and twisted adult romances. I also write poetry (mainly in Latvian language) but not sure if I’ll ever share it here with you.


Oh, and did I mention that I have two wonderful cats? Of course I did but they are just so special to me that I have to talk about them again and again 🙂 Their names are Malla and Kiki.

​I’m new at blogging and still trying to figure out how it all works and what kind of blogger/writer I am, but one thing is for sure I’ll review a lot of YA fiction and probably mostly fantasy, paranormal, dystopian books. My reviews will always be honest no matter what. However, I will be polite about the books that I do not like because every author has worked hard on their books and I have no right to offend them or trash talk any of their books. You can check out my star rating system here and review policy here. On this blog I will share books that I have read and bought, different bookish lists/recommendations and some movie and TV series lists as well, bookish memes, tags, discussions and rants, maybe some dream casting and recipes, and some other book and TV, movie related things. Also I have joined a few book promotion sites, so you will see cover reveals, book blitzes and blog tours for books that sound interesting to me, as many of them I may not have read yet.

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Thank you for joining my reading and blogging journey! Happy reading, Lady of Bookland.

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