About the blog

Journey in bookland logoAs the name of the blog entitles than this will be very book oriented blog, with all things bookish. Mostly there will be Young Adult books, especially, fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary fiction, also some mystery and historical fiction. Sometimes New Adult, Middle Grade and Adult books will be featured as well.

I love doing tags and memes, so you will be able to find them in abundance on this blog. Another thing I like making is bookish lists, so those you will encounter here as well with my favorite books, different recommendations, TBRs and more. I’m not very great with writing notes when I read, hence, I’m not a big review writer but I’ll try my best to have as many full reviews as possible. However, in the monthly wrap-ups there will be mini reviews on all the books that I have read. Also I’ll share sometimes my book hauls, bookish discussions and maybe some dream casting and challenges

After reading some books, there is this  need for some beverage or some comforting food, so I could share some of my favourite desert recipes as well. Oh, I love TV series and movies very much, hence, some favourites’ lists, mini reviews and maybe a few discussions about TV series and movies will be found in this blog. 

Welcome to Journey in Bookland where I’ll share my bookish love with one story at a time. If you want to read more about me, you can do it here.