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I’m coming to you with my first blog tour post for a new and exciting NA fantasy reverse harem adventure seriesCURSE OF THE FAE QUEEN by Delia Castel 🙂 You will find in this post details about the book and author, my review, a link for giveaway, and the tour schedule.

Book Details



Author: Delia Castel

Pub. Date: February 14, 2019

Publisher: Delia Castel

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 231


A Huntress of Faeries. Five cursed Fae Princes. An evil that will destroy the world. 

When Eighteen-year-old Neara saves a villager from the clutches of a deadly faerie, the Fae Queen sends warriors to abduct her dying father in revenge. To gain his freedom, Neara must venture into the Shadowlands and obtain three enchanted objects under the supervision of the bestial Prince Drayce.

As Neara and Prince Drayce grow closer, she discovers the Queen’s scheme to release an ancient evil and enslave the mortal world. To thwart these plans, she must break the curses of five Fae Princes, but the cost of doing so is her Father’s life.

Torn between saving the human realm and saving her father, Neara must navigate this treacherous world and choose between love, liberty and power.

Curse of the Fae Queen is a reverse harem fantasy adventure for fans of A Court of Thrones and Roses and A Song of Ice and Fire!

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About Author

DeliaDelia Castel has loved fairytales for as long as she can remember. The books she writes under this pen name are steamy, reverse harem retellings of classic stories.

To download a free copy of The Big Bad She-Wolf as well as the exclusive chapters that follow the tale, visit:




Curse-of-the-Fae-Queen-1000Title: Curse of the Fae Queen
Author: Delia Castel
Series: Curse of the Fae Queen #1
Publication Year: 2019
Genres: New Adult, Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Romance
Source: eARC from author via Rockstar Book Tours
Rating: 4.75 Stars
Recommendation: Highly recommended
*Note: This is the first book in reverse harem book series, however, this book had only one love interest as others were only briefly introduced but will most likely take a bigger part of the story in the next book.

My Thoughts

If this wasn’t a review for a blog tour then my review would probably consist just of one word AMAZING 🙂 As that won’t be enough for this review then I’ll try my best to show you why I loved it so much.

I must admit that I actually felt those A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas vibes, hence, her fans should love this book as well, however, this was in no way a copy or anything like that, Curse of the Fae Queen was its own story, with unique and intriguing fae world.

Let’s start with world-building as the author did a great job with it. The world was well developed, magical and in a way unique, even it does include some of the classic fairy lore elements (which can be found in another faerie books), because of this the beginning felt a bit slow, however, it was still intriguing, and the story became fast paced adventure about 20 per cent into the book.

If most captains hadn’t already filled their ships with willing passengers, I’d have stayed at home. If leprechauns hadn’t infested the village, stealing every bit of gold they could find, I’d have stayed at home. And if dread, heavy as an anchor and twice as dark, wasn’t urging me to secure our passage out of Bresail, I’d have stayed at home. Home behind my iron and salt and St. John’s Wort.

The story starts in a small village of the human’s world with a human girl, Neara, who has a unique ability to see fae. She knows that they are dangerous and treacherous creatures, and she can never let them know about her special sight. However, not everything goes as planed and she ends up in the realm of fae, where she is sent on dangerous quest with Prince Drayce by the queen of fae.

Would this be the last time I would see the mortal world? Even though it had been cruel and terrifying at times, the realm of the faeries would be worse.

The characters were intriguing as each of them had their own secrets and mysteries, which was something that we had to figure out, therefore, you could never know whom to trust, this added an extra layer, curiosity and twists to the storyI liked Neara (way more than Feyre from ACOTAR) as she was brave, witty and with a good heart, but at the same time she is ready to do what ever is necessary to survive and save her father. I liked Prince Drayce for the most part of this book, as he was who he was, a mystery with dark secrets.

He advanced with a sinewy, serpentine grace, each step soundless as a wraith. Shadows followed him like shroud. This was no ordinaly predator, he was death incarnate.

The other love interests, four fae princes, were only shortly introduced, so I’m looking forward to meeting them in the next book.

I gulped. “I would have four husbands?” His green eyes shimmered with amusement. “You’d be saving the world from Fomorians. I think you deserve the reward.”

Curse of the Fae Queen is a part of a reverse harem series, however, this book only introduced this element but didn’t explore it in a deeper level yet. This story had a slow burning romance with a low heat level, as there were just a few steamy scenes, but non the less, it still was an enchanting love story. Neara was not ready yet for more than one guy in her life 😉

I’d never been in the spell of the gancanagh, but I imagined that kissing Drayce with such fever would be similar to such an enchantment. A dizzying maelstrom of heat and desire. Every caress of his fingers, his lips, his tongue, drove me deeper into his thrall. From the pounding of his heart against my chest, he’d also lost control.

And then there was the Queen. I won’t say much, she was a complex enough villain, which I liked.

Queen Melusina turned the Winter Court to ice, transformed the Autumn Court into beasts, cursed the Summer Court to an eternal sleep, and cast the Spring Court under water.

This quote makes me think about fairy-tales and possible future retellings of Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, maybe The Snow Queen and Little Mermaid. I think that this book also was kind of a retelling of a lesser known fairytale, but I can’t reveal its name because it would be such a spoiler.

The writing was compelling, even though there were a few grammatical mistakes,  however, I read an ARC, so I hope that those will get fixed.

There was adventure, danger, curses, and action, mystery, magic, and romance, which created a captivating and entertaining story.

Terror stiffened my bones, and my pulse thrashed in my ears, urging at me to break free and run. I couldn’t let the mist touch my blood.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot as it gripped me from the very beginning till the end and I can’t wait to be back in this fascinating world. I couldn’t share with you my favourite quotes because they contained spoilers, so I had to work with what I had. I loved Curse of the Fae Queen, and I would definitely put it up there with Sarah J. Maas and Holly Back’s faerie books.curse of the fae queen by delia castel



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Thank you for visiting this stop of the blog tour and remember to check out the rest of them as well 😉 Before you leave take a look at this sneak peek and read the first chapter of CURSE OF THE FAE QUEEN by Delia Castel here.

Happy reading,
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