Social Distancing Read-a-thons (March 21-22)

Dear book-lovers, I have decided to join two read-a-thons this weekend of March 21-22, which are happening at the same time and with the same name 🙈 So 'Social Distancing Readathon Edition' is hosted by #24in48. Check out their website or connect with them via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The hashtag used for this read-a-thon … Continue reading Social Distancing Read-a-thons (March 21-22)

The journey begins

Dear book-lovers, My name is Inga. I’m Lady of Bookland and Journey in Bookland is my new blog. This will be place filled with books and bookish things, like reviews, recommendations, discussions, book hauls, and wrap-ups, tags, memes, challenges, and read-a-thons, dream casting, fangirling and more. It’s very likely that I’ll bring my love for … Continue reading The journey begins