Sales Blitz: Tempt Me by Kally Ash

Welcome to a sales blitz organized by Magic Pen Book Tours for a single dad’s romance – Tempt Me by Kally Ash. It’s the first book in the Temptation series, but can be read as a standalone.

Book Details:

TEMPT-METitle: Tempt Me
Series: Tempation #1
Author: Kally Ash
Publication date: 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Vixen Publishing
Number of pages: 256 pages

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A sexy single dad.
His reluctant live-in nanny.
An intense attraction with an end date.

Max Parker has been screwed over by love.
After returning home one night to find his wife gone without explanation and his infant daughter left alone and forgotten in her crib, he swears off women forever.
Enter Gianna Borello.
College student.
Driven. Focused.
Curves for days.
The complete opposite of his ex-wife.
And a complete temptation for Max.

On Sale for 99¢September 14-19




An hour later, Max and Gigi stepped through the front gates of the zoo. They strolled around with Erin, looking at the sea lions, the red pandas, and the snow leopards, and explored the children’s zoo. Gigi surprised him when she took Erin and sat with her on the back of a giant rabbit statue to have their photo taken. Chelsea would never have done anything like that. She was always too concerned with what people would think of her if she was acting silly. Max clicked half a dozen photos of his two girls, then took a few candid shots of Gigi as she picked Erin back up again.

“Time for a coffee?” Max asked, smiling at Gigi.

She nodded. “Sounds great.”

Taking a seat at the cafe, he enjoyed the easy way he and Gigi could talk about everything, enjoyed how much fun she could be.

“What are you smiling at?” she asked.

“You,” he replied.

A blush crept up her neck, and she bit her bottom lip. “Why?”

Leaning forward, he took her hand in his. “Because you’re perfect.”

She scoffed at him. “I’m far from perfect.”

“You seem pretty perfect to me.” And she was. She was the antithesis to Chelsea.

She looked up at him from under her lashes. “What is this between us, Max?” Her voice was unsteady—unsure.

“Honestly?” She nodded. “It’s something that I know I can’t fight—this attraction between us. I know you feel it too.”

“I do.”

“But…” he began.


“But, I’m not going to be in New York forever. I have to return to California, and my real job.” For a moment, she didn’t say a thing. “Gigi?”

“California?” she asked in a squeak, her eyes widening.

“Yes,” he said slowly. Had he not mentioned that to her? “That’s where I live. I’m only here helping out my boss with the new club temporarily. I’ll be going home as soon as she finds someone to run the place full-time.”

“I didn’t know that,” she said, her gaze darting away and her hand slipping from his. She sucked in a deep breath. “I didn’t know that,” she repeated. He reached out for her again, but she dropped both hands into her lap.

Max didn’t like the fear uncurling in his belly. “Don’t pull away from me.”

Her wild eyes met his. “How can you say that to me? You’re leaving.”

“Maybe, but I want you in my life even if it’s only for this short time.”

She looked down at the table. “I think this is a mistake.”

He sat taller in his chair. “What is?” he replied, his words clipped.

She sighed. “This.” She motioned between them with her finger. “There’s definitely some attraction between us. I can feel it every time you look at me, but…” She looked him in the eye. “I don’t know how to do casual sex. I don’t know how to be in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.”

He frowned. “You know that wasn’t what it was.”

“I know,” she whispered. “But knowing there can never be more than a few weeks or months together changes things. What’s the point in even having a relationship if it’s inevitably going to end?”

“Everything ends.” He sat back in his chair, making sure to keep his eyes locked on her face. “And what’s the point of the whole thing? The point is, we get to experience each other. We get to share something that nobody can change, or even have the vaguest notion of what it’s like to feel. Having your body pressed against mine is heaven, Gigi. Isn’t it worthwhile having heaven even if it’s for just a few months?”


Author Bio:

KALLY-LOGO-ALTKally Ash is a contemporary romance author whose passions include curling up with a good book, devouring chocolate and getting kitty cuddles. Tempt Me is her debut novel, and the first book in a three book series.

Some of her unicorn authors include Sawyer Bennett, Elizabeth Hayley and Haley Jenner.

Become part of Kally’s ARC team by joining her Facebook ARC Group here.


Happy reading,
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