RELEASE BLITZ with REVIEW: Machiavellian by Bella Di Cort (+GIVEAWAY)

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Welcome to release blitz organized by Buoni Amici Press, LLC. for a standalone contemporary romance in a new mafia romance series – Machiavellian (Gangsters of New York, Book 1) by Bella Di Cort. This blitz includes some details about the book and author, couple of teasers, review and a link for giveaway via Rafflecopter. So, here is the book of the day 😊


Title: Machiavellian
Author: Bella Di Corte
Series: Gangsters of New York #1
Genre: Contemporary Mafia Romance
Release date: May 8th 2020

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Machiavellian is the first of three books set in the savage world of the Gangsters of New York series.

I hungered to be seen.

There were three things I knew about Capo Macchiavello:
He was gorgeous.
He was reclusive.
He was considered one of New York’s most savage animals.

And he wanted me as his wife. A simple arrangement – you do for me, I do for you. Nothing owed, no expectations. Except for one: never leave.

Life was never that simple, though. By the age of twenty-one, I was parentless, jobless, and homeless, and I had come to learn the hard way that nothing was ever free. Even kindness comes with strings.

Capo might’ve been the only man to ever see me, but I had made a vow to myself: I would never owe anyone anything. Most of all, the man I called boss.

I killed to stay hidden.

Mariposa Flores thought she owed nothing to no one, but she owed everything…to me, the ghost the world had once called The Machiavellian Prince of New York.

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Bella Di Corte has been writing romance for seven years, even longer if you count the stories in her head that were never written down, but she didn’t realize how much she enjoyed writing alphas until recently. Tough guys who walk the line between irredeemable and savable, and the strong women who force them to feel, inspire her to keep putting words to the page.

Apart from writing, Bella loves to spend time with her husband, daughter, and family. She also loves to read, listen to music, cook meals that were passed down to her, and take photographs. She mostly takes pictures of her family (when they let her) and her three crazy dogs.

Bella grew up in New Orleans, a place she considers a creative playground.

She loves to connect with readers, so don’t hesitate to email her at if you’d like to reach out.

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Machiavellian_Ebook_AmazonTitle: Machiavellian
Author: Bella Di Corte
Series: Gangsters of New York #1
Publication Year: 2020
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Mafia Romance
Source: eARC via Buoni Amici Press, LLC.
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Recommendation: Recommended for mafia romance readers who don’t mind lots of mundane drama and little suspense, action or actual mafia activities. *Note. Trigger warning: for sexual child abuse, attempted rape and bloody death scenes.

My Thoughts

It started out so well, even if slowly, but my curiosity was peeked with the prologue and first chapter, but then the story kind of lost its appeal as it became a bit boring and mundane with too much telling and not enough showing at times. But then around 80% the story again picked up and got more exciting.

Instead of screaming for me, she should scream for God, the only force strong enough to stop this. No one was getting out of this alive. Not if the king wolf had ordered it and there was no angel to stop it.

The writing was good and interesting enough at some points, however, I got tired of all the mundane things happening in this book. We had sweet family moments, gardening, eating, cooking and boring things like that. I just wasn’t connected with Mari enough to care for these activities whatsoever. It just at times felt like it was a bit of a too long story with too much everyday drama and activities. I wanted more depth and feelings, even the more emotional scenes didn’t really make me feel as deeply as I would have liked. Also there were some moments where I had to really work on keeping my disbelieve in check.

“If they’re hunting you, they’re going after me. They already took my voice. I’ll meet them in hell before they take my heart.”

Sadly all the interesting and exciting mafia activities happened of the page. There was little suspense or action happening on the pages of this book. So at the end I wanted more intensity, angst, fear and some of the darker Capo’s dealings showed.

Scars on skin meant living. Blood on knuckles meant living. Dirt on white clothes meant living. Living meant taking chances, even if we got soiled up in the process.

One of most frustrating things was lead female – Mari, who had complex of being too basic and not having better nose. I don’t enjoy reading books about someone who doesn’t love herself and just all the time complains about her looks and thinks that she is not beautiful enough. But otherwise, she was a strong and brave woman.

If your mouth can’t respect me, then your hands have no place on my body.

The romance was steamy, sweet and with its unhealthy moments as well, but that’s something expected with a protective and overbearing alpha hero who is part of a dark and cruel mafia world. There was a 15 year age gap between Capo and Mari, which is something that I always like in my romances as I can connect with it. Also one of my favourite tropes is an arranged marriage, so that was one more thing I liked in their love story.

Some people can’t say the words. Some people have to do. They do things like give you a phone to make sure you’re okay. Love is not only in one language – it speaks in more than just words alone.

The romance and those darker mafia action scenes were my favourite part of the story, and I wanted more of it. I liked the ending (last 20% of the book) as it had excitement, danger, action, suspense and lots of emotions. But I just loved the very end, those last couple of pages were the best.

Scars don’t bother me. They only mean I’ve earned my place in this world.

Overall, the first 5% and last 20% of the book were great, and everything you would want to see in a mafia romance, but the rest of the book was a bit boring and too mundane with not enough suspense, intensity and action. I liked the lead male – Capo, but not that much the lead female – Mari. So at the end I liked this story, but didn’t love it.


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What are your thoughts on the synopsis and teasers?

Let’s chat: Do you enjoy mafia romance books? Do you prefer lighter or darker romance in your mafia reads?

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