BOOK BLITZ: The Run Around by Bernadette Franklin (EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY)

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Welcome to another book blitz organized by Xpresso Book Tours for an adult romantic comedy The Run Around by Bernadette Franklin. This blitz includes some details about the book, author, couple of excerpts and a giveaway. If you’d like a chance to win, enter in the Rafflecopter via link at the bottom of this post. So, here is the book of the day 😊

Bernadette Franklin - The Run AroundTitle: The Run Around
Author: Bernadette Franklin
Publication date: April 28th 2020
Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance


Arranging a wedding for her brother and a five-time thoroughbride tests Hope’s skills and patience. She’d believed the vows would be the most dangerous part of the ceremony, but a baseball to the head during the photography session proves her wrong and lands her in the sights of her brother’s best friend, Fredrick.

He wants her to plan his wedding.

She wants to be his bride.

Diving into the treacherous world of wedding planning, Hope keeps her word and arranges the vows for the one man she believes she could love. He doesn’t know how much she cherishes him and his friendship.

What she doesn’t know lands her in the heart of a royal mess.

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Excerpt 1

A sensible woman would’ve been delighted to be her future sister-in-law’s maid of honor, as it implied cordial relationships or some sort of bullshit like that. I knew better.

I made an excellent scapegoat.

As the wedding party’s weakest link, everyone expected me to trip on my dress, maybe break an ankle along with my neck, or spill the entire wine fountain onto the floor. My brother claimed he loved me, but I believed he’d been the one to spread the rumor I was the world’s clumsiest woman.

When I secured my revenge, it would be sweet.

But first, I needed to survive my brother’s wedding without being responsible for a single hiccup. Playing to my brother’s misconceptions, I’d spent months tripping over nothing on purpose so I could transform myself into the image of traditional beauty and grace.

I’d even lost twenty pounds so my dress would fit.

The wedding would be a disaster, but I would emerge from the chaos smelling like roses, red wine, and garlic bread. Honestly, I doubted the wedding would make it to the reception.

Some weddings had bridezillas. We had a thoroughbride, and if she got it into her head to run, I wished my brother the best of luck catching her before she fled from the church. My proposal to have the wedding on a yacht, where my brother’s thoroughbride couldn’t escape, hadn’t earned me points with anyone.

The bride hated the ocean.

My brother was smart enough to catch onto my implication.

It wasn’t my fault Amy wasn’t exactly the most reliable woman in the world when it came to marriage. Once was a fluke. Twice was a trend. Five incidents of running from the wedding was evidence the thoroughbride would strike again, and my dear old brother would be saddled with the fifty thousand dollar bill, as he refused to believe Amy would run out on him.

Oh, no. Amy would never run out on him.


Excerpt 2

Luckily for me, the blow had been a graze, it hadn’t hit anything important, and I figured the only reason I bled was thanks to one of the dumbass clips taming my hair.

I wanted to keep the wedding disasters to the things I hadn’t planned for. A baseball to the head counted, but it wouldn’t kill me.

I hoped.

Some risks were worth taking, and I’d have to remind my brother later I loved him that much.

A call to Wolfgang would fix my ruined dress and makeup problem, but I hesitated. Telling him what had happened would result in well-earned mockery. I retrieved my phone from its cleavage prison to discover it still had some life left in it. Dialing his number worsened my headache.

The rest of the day would suck, but I would make it through somehow.

“What went wrong?” Wolfgang answered.

“I took a stray baseball to the head. I need your makeup skills and my reception dress. Help a woman out? Please? I’m not above begging at this point.”

“A baseball? To the head? How did that happen? Are you all right? If you were hit with a baseball—”

“Don’t you even dare suggest I go to the hospital.”

Wolfgang sighed. “What happened?”

“Fate, karma, the universe, or whatever you want to call it, wishes I would die already. I fell into the pond. I bet I’ll make the front page. Who knows? Maybe someone caught the whole thing on video. I might go viral.”

The groan on the other end of line promised Wolfgang was at the end of his rope, too. “Your brother must be freaking out.”

“Ben’s keeping him busy taking pretty pictures to immortalize the day I almost drowned in the botanical gardens pond.”

“Where were you hit?”

“It was a graze off the side of my head. My hair should hide any bumps. The bleeding stopped.”

“Are you dizzy, have a headache, or feel ill?”

I suspected once I tried to get up and walk around, I would be dizzy. I wasn’t a fan of my own head right now, and I could be honest about otherwise being all right. Unfortunately, if I lied, he would know it. He always knew. “Maybe.”

“I’ll be there in twenty. I’ll bring the dress and your makeup, but you’re going to the hospital before the reception. If you go to the reception.”

“I am not.”

“You are, because I am taking you there.”

BernAuthor Bio

Bernadette Franklin is a figment of imagination owned and operated by two cats, a few plants, and a human.



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This sounds like a fun and entertainingly sweet romance read. What are your thoughts on the excerpts, synopsis and the coverAre you adding this romantic comedy to your TBR? 😉

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