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Welcome to another book blitz organized by Xpresso Book Tours for an adult dark contemporary romance Beneath The Surface by Abbi Cook. This blitz includes some details about the book, author, couple of excerpts, teasers and a giveaway. If you’d like a chance to win, enter in the Rafflecopter via link at the bottom of this post. So, here is the book of the day 😊



Title: Beneath The Surface
Author: Abbi Cook
Publication date
: April 14th 2020
Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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I was born and bred to be a killer. It’s all I’m supposed to be.

I take no prisoners. Until Lily. For her, I make an exception. But only for a week.

When I walk in, time starts ticking down to zero. Her father has seven days to save her.

Until then, she’s mine. Mine to have. Mine to take.

Mine to keep.

Teaser 1

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Excerpt 1

He leans in close to me and takes a deep breath in, letting it out slowly as an ominous hum reverberates in the space around us. “I don’t know what you’re doing, little girl, but trust me, you don’t want to tease a man stuck out alone in the country.”

“You’re not alone. I’m here.”

Cason’s gaze travels down my body and back up again to meet mine. His lids heavy, he looks at me hungrily. “You’re playing with fire here, Lily. You’re going to get hurt.”

My knees shake at how intimidating he sounds, but I press them together and flash him my best fuck me smile. “I’m not a child, Cason. It’s not like I don’t know things.”

“And what do you think this is? Do you think if you get me to fuck you that I won’t want to kill you when the time comes? Is that what you’re thinking?” he asks in a low voice, his warm breath drifting over my ear with each word he practically hisses out before he steps back away from me.

My heart sinks at how callously he dismisses my plan, but I can’t let him see how frightened I am at this very moment. This can work. I know it can. I just have to see it through.

So I take a step closer to him, close enough that I can feel the heat coming from him through that black T-shirt that fits so perfectly over his toned body. I look up into his dark eyes and swallow hard. “What I was thinking was I didn’t want to be alone, Cason.”

The words hang in the sliver of space that separates us as I wait for him to respond. He just needs to say yes and I can do this.

He looks down at my T-shirt, and then his hand touches my hip, sending need dancing through me. “I’m not one of those boys you tease to get your own way, Lily. This is your one last chance to go back to your room and pretend this never happened because if I let you come in, the word no doesn’t exist in here.”

Every word drips with a threat of something he thinks I can’t handle, but I don’t care. Whatever he is inside that room, at least I’ll be alive there at the week’s end.

Teaser 2

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Excerpt 2

Stuffing my hand into her hair, I tighten my grip on the soft strands and tug her head back. She doesn’t fight me at all, reaching out to run her hands over my chest and down my ribs.

Her need comes off her in waves, and it’s nothing less than intoxicating. But it’s not enough for me. I want her to beg.

So I pull my mouth away and look down at her to see her eyelids flutter open and her beautiful brown eyes staring up at me. Filled with confusion, that slowly morphs into a look of hurt, like she can’t believe I wouldn’t want her.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, every word laced with the same emotion that now fills her eyes. “Why did you stop?”

I know what she’s thinking. I can see it in her face, hear it in the panic that clings to every word. She’s set all her hopes for living on being able to make me want her. Smiling down at her, I can’t help but laugh at how wrong she is.

She can offer me her very soul, and it won’t change a thing. If her father fails to pay back that money by the seventh day, I’ll do to her what I’ve done to everyone else marked for death.

What I did to Creighton just hours ago.

And not even the best fucking sex of my life can stop that from happening.

“Let me hear what you want, Lily.”

Pressing her lips tightly together, she seems unwilling or unable to voice what she wants me to do to her. That needs to change. Now.

With a sharp tug of her hair that makes her wince, I give her a taste of what will happen if she doesn’t obey my command. “I told you once you come into this room, no is not allowed. So I repeat, let me hear you say what you want, Lily.”

In a tiny voice, she whispers, “You.”

But her eyes tell the real truth, what she wants more than anything else in the world, and it’s not me. It’s to stay alive.

For a moment, I consider pushing her away. It could be amusing to watch her desperation unravel in front of me before I send her back to her room to fret for the next six days.

That’s the sadistic part of me, but it’s not the part that’s controlling me tonight. No, tonight need has gotten the better of rage, and I want to know how good it will feel to be balls deep inside Lily.

So I don’t push her away, and I take her answer, even though it’s a lie. It’s enough that I’m going to make her mine tonight. I don’t need the truth from her, too.

My mouth crushes hers in a kiss meant to show her what’s coming when I take her. And that’s what it will be. Taking. If she has any illusions about what I’m after, she needs to forget them right now.

I am who I am, and whether that’s a killer or a monster, I’m always one thing. Merciless.

Her hands clutch the back of my neck, surprising me with how much she returns my kiss. I expected her to recoil at its hardness because she’s so small and so defenseless, but here she is standing on her tiptoes to meet my need with her own, pressing her lips to mine with the same intensity before sliding her tongue into my mouth to tease me.

Backing away, I smile at her efforts. “Be careful, little girl. I’m not one of those boys you play with.”

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Author Bio

Abbi Cook grew up wondering if she was different because she always wanted to know more about the villain than the hero in the stories she read. When she got older, she found there were others in the world like her and devoured their writing, loving every dark word. She’s written her own tales for years, but in 2019 she decided it was time to take the next step and publish them. She’s never looked back since that day.



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This sounds like a dark, steamy and dangerously exciting romance with an anti-hero that I could love to hate. 😍Oh, this book seems exactly like my type of book, so I’m very excited to get my hands on it and devour it in one sitting. I even feel tempted to put aside the couple of ARCs that have to finish reading in couple of days 🙈 What are your thoughts on the excerpts, teasers, synopsis and the cover? Are you ready to join me on reading this deliciously sounding story? 😉

Happy reading,
Lady of Bookland

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