RELEASE BLITZ with REVIEW: Havoc by S.S. Richards (+TEASER)

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Welcome to release blitz organized by Give Me Books Promotions for a dark romantic suspense – Havoc by S.S. Richards. This blitz includes some details about the book and author, couple of teasers and a review. So, here is the book of the day 😊

Havoc Ebook CoverTitle: Havoc
Author: S.S. Richards
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Release date: March 26th 2020


I changed my name and my identity. I swore he’d never find me.

I thought I had planned it well.

Until he showed up in the middle of the day – tall, handsome and powerful.

It took me three years to build myself up from scratch, cut everybody off and build a life that has nothing to do with my past.

And it took him one day to destroy everything I’d built.

My disappearance caused the people of my town to come up with their own stories about me. But most importantly, it caused Daniel to wreak havoc.

This is a full length standalone dark romantic suspense.

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Teaser 1

Havoc Teaser

Teaser 2

Havoc Coming Soon 2


S.S. Richards LogoAs a young teenager, S.S. Richards started creating imaginary friends and could invent a story in her head within a matter of seconds. A gift that lead her into believing she may be “super talented” after all. One day she decided to open her laptop and start feeding words into it, and that’s where it all begun. She decided to make a career out of writing.

She also loves to hear from readers.
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Havoc Ebook CoverTitle: Havoc
Author: S.S. Richards
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Publication 2020
Source: eARC via Give Me Books Promotions
Rating: 3 Stars
Recommendation: Recommended for readers who don’t mind an annoying female MC. Only for mature readers (18+)

My Thoughts


This is going to be short. For the most part I kind of liked the story as the writing was fine, there were couple of twists, couple of intense moments and steamy scenes. I got curious about the authors other books for characters mentioned in this one. The last half of the book was better than the beginning. So, I guess that’s kind of it.

We had arranged marriage and love-to-hate tropes, which are my favourite, but sadly they didn’t provide the intense emotional experience that I would have loved to have.

“One day, you’ll be mine forever. Whether you like it or not.”


Now let’s take a look at the main problem which was Eve, so I kind of hated the female MC. She was annoying, a bit of a crybaby and her reason for hating the guy was one of the most stupidest things I have ever read. She just created an unnecessary drama.

The male MC – Daniel was more or less OK, just less alpha than I’m used to having in dark romances. So at the end I wasn’t a big fan of either of our main characters, I didn’t care for them and didn’t emotionally connect with them or their relationship.

In the first half of the book nothing really happens at all. I didn’t care about anything and anyone as I was just annoyed and bored. There was no real angst or banter as it’s usually with good hate-to-love stories. There was no real intensity or suspense or heart-ache as it’s suppose to be with dark romantic suspense novels.

Dark romances usually takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride with so many feelings that it makes you dizzy, however, this one didn’t make me fell anything at all for the most part of the book, just the last 50% was a little bit more emotional, but not enough to make me really care for this couple as Eva kind off destroyed it all for me.

Another issue I had was the size of the novel as it was on the short side (only 151 pages), so maybe that as well affected my enjoyment of this book as there was no time for me to really get attached to the characters or care about anything.


Around half way trough the story picked up a bit and was kind of fine, but the main characters, especially, Eve. She just annoyed me too much. Sadly, Eve destroyed this book for me. At the end I was disappointed as I expected so much more from this novel, however, it wasn’t the worst book out there, as I liked it enough to give it 3 stars, it had its moments at times.

I’m not losing this time. I promised myself that no matter what happens, I’m not letting her win. There’s only one way this marriage will end – till death do us apart.

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What are your thoughts on the synopsis, teasers and quotes?

Let’s chat: Do you enjoy arrange marriage tropes and dark romances? Do you go for hate-to-love tropes or stay away from them?

Happy reading,
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