Bookish memes on Friday – March 13, 2020 (features ‘The Rise of Saint’ by Bella J.)

Dear book-lovers,

It’s Friday and time for a Friday memes of Book Beginnings on Fridays hosted @ Rose City ReaderFirst Lines Fridays @ Wandering WordsThe Friday 56 hosted @Freda’s Voice. So the idea for this post is to share with you a few first lines from a book that I have decided to feature today, and to share a snippet from page 56 or in case of eBook a sneak peek 56% into the book. Let’s not keep you waiting and look at today’s featured book.

Today something wicked and sinister your way comes as I’m featuring a dark and twisted romanceThe Rise of Saint (Sins of Saint #1) by Bella J.

The first lines of the book

Chapter One – Saint

The second that elevator door opened and I looked into her striking green eyes, I knew this night would end with bloodshed. His blood – the man standing next to her clutching her hand like he owned her. But he didn’t. I knew that. He knew that. Unfortunately, she didn’t.

From the first sentence it seems like this is going to be darkly cruel and somewhat bloody read. Also we already can learn that Saint is nothing like his name suggests, he is going to be the alluring anti-hero that you will love to hate.

56% into the book

Chapter Fifteen – Mila

“Think about it.” His hand brushed down my arm, leaving heated flesh in its wake. “We could make our deal so much more interesting that way.” Every word he uttered was laced with wicked intent, his voice laden with seduction – manipulation.

I swallowed, my heart hammering against my ribs. “You’re disgusting,” I sneered between clenched teeth.

“I think the word you’re looking for is filthy.”

“Or senile.”

A mischievous grin tugged at the corners of lips. “You know, Mila, you are making this so much fun.”

This sounds like the book is going to be a steamy and twisted hate-to-love romance. And believe me it was.

the rise of saint

Title: The Rise of Saint
Author: Bella J.
Series: Sins of Saint #1
Publication Year: 2020
Format: eARC owned
Number of pages for printed copy: 294
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance
Rating: 4.5 Stars



Killer. Monster. Thief.

That’s what he is. The one who stole me. The man who ripped me from a life I thought was mine. There was no negotiating. No choice to be made. And no. Way. Out.

He says my whole life has been a lie. I believe him.

He says he’s addicted to my tears. I believe him.

He says once I give him what he wants, he’ll let me go…

I don’t believe him.


Orphan. Fighter. Secret.

That’s what she is. The woman I took. The woman they tried to hide from me but failed. Now she’s exactly where she’s meant to be. At my side. And at my mercy.

The blood that runs through her veins makes me her king. But to me she’s nothing but a means to an end. A way for me to feed my vengeance.

Once she gives me what I want I’ll let her go back to her miserable, mundane life. But for now, she’s mine to play with…

until she breaks.

Thanks for stopping by! This was an intense and very emotional read that left me breathless and hurt at times, but there were also some sweeter and a tad bit humorous scenes entwined with the darkness and ruthless cruelty. Warning, some of the themes and scenes in this book can be disturbing for some readers, so the book is advised for mature readers only (18+).

You can read my full review, with some extra teasers and quotes here.

Let’s chat: Have you read The Rise of Saint? Or are you adding it to your TBR? So time to time I enjoy some tense, nail bitingly exhilarating, suspenseful, emotionally charged and darkly twisted hate-to-love romances. How about you?  Are dark romances part of your guilty-pleasure reads?

Happy reading,
Lady of Bookland

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