BOOK REVIEW: Treyton by J. Nathan

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First, I have to mention that Treyton (Savage Beasts #2) by J. Nathan was kindly provided by author via New Adult Book Club (on Goodreads), in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own. *Note. This book is second in series but can be read as a standalone, however, I would advice to read ‘Kozart’ before this one.


Title: Treyton
Author: J. Nathan
Series: Savage Beasts #2
Publication Year: 2020
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance (Rock star romance)
Source: eBook from author via New Adult Book Club
Rating: 4 Stars
Recommendation: Recommended for anyone who enjoys reading contemporary romance books


STANDALONE #2 in the Savage Beasts rock star series.

Treyton Collins is Savage Beasts’ drummer.
He’s the band’s resident bad boy with the
tattoos and tongue ring to prove it.
And though his big personality hides secrets and
his smile conceals a troubled past,
no woman has yet to be immune to Treyton’s charm.
That’s why he’s fascinated by the one who is…

Brielle Patrick is Savage Beasts’ publicist.
She couldn’t be any more different than Treyton.
She’s business suits and he’s torn jeans.
She’s bossy and he’s fun-loving.
She’s got an attitude and he can’t stand it.
And, her latest publicity stunt left her on the outs with the band.
But, if nothing else, Brielle is persistent.
And she’ll prove it by spending the summer on tour with the band.
She’s convinced herself she’s there to keep Treyton out of trouble.
But that isn’t the only reason she’s overseas for two months.
She’s searching for something her life is missing.

Is it possible she could find it when she least expects it?
With the guy she least expects to find it with?



I don’t plan to delve for long on this review because the main message is very simple, I loved ‘Treyton’ by J.Nathan and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a contemporary romance.

I tried not to gawk, but he was built like an athlete, tatted up like the rock star he was, and so freaking hot.

The book started with very emotional prologue that made me connect in human level and feel deeply for Brielle, our main female character. She was strong, stubborn and independent, but at the same time there was so much hidden behind her chilly and professional exterior. You will have to read the book to discover who she really is.

He knew how to kiss. He knew how to make me feel sexy. He knew how to turn me on like no one else before him.

The first chapter started exactly at the moment where the first book ‘Kozart’ ended and that was actually very satisfying moment, because I loved the first book as well and the end of it was just sweet and exciting, so this beginning brought back good memories. It was also very nice to see Kozart, Aubry and the rest of the band, so I hope we will get also Marcus and Cam’s story.

“If the way you hate each other most days is any indication of how much you’d love each other, I think it would be freaking amazing.”

Treyton was an interesting male lead to follow, I fell for him fast. He was easy going and fun guy, but at the same time he was so much more, because of the pain from his past.

His eyes jumped to mine. “Do I need you right-fucking-now? Absolutely. Will I be the best lay you’ve ever had? Yup. Can I promise a happy ending? No. I don’t believe in them.”

Trey and Brie had chemistry, sparks and they just pushed each others buttons, which was fun to read about. This was a sweet and steamy hate-to-love romance story. They made each other into better people. And it was wonderful to see how during this story both of them grew and changed as a person and as a couple.

My heart slammed against the wall of my chest as I stared up into his eyes.

“I lied,” he said.

“About what?”

“I told you I stayed away from things I could get addicted to.”

I tilted my head, confused.

“But I can’t stay away from you.”

My eyebrows shot up, all coherent thoughts escaping me.

“I know I screw up and give you grief. And I know we can’t seem to get along for more than a few days at a time. But there’s something about you, Brie. Something that makes me want to fight with you more than anyone else on this planet, because when you finally come around and smile at me, like really smile and mean it, I’m a goner.”

Most of the time I’m bored while reading simple contemporary romance books, I prefer comedy or dark romance. However, J.Nathan knows how to put enough emotions in her writing, which makes her stories beautiful and powerful emotional roller-coaster rides, Treyton was no exception. The writing was compelling, characters alive and real, romance was sweet and a bit heart-breaking, plot steady paced and emotionally charged. This is a perfect book for romance fans.

treyton review

Have you ever read J.Nathan’s books? If not, then I recommend to start with her ‘For You’ or ‘Savage Beasts’ series. Otherwise, do you enjoy her writing, stories and characters? Share in comments your thoughts 😉

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