BLOG TOUR: The Dear Wallflower by Sara Secora – REVIEW

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Welcome to the stop on blog tour for a beautiful poetry book  Dear Wallflower by Sara Secora 🙂 You will find in this post details about the book, author, my review, and the tour schedule.

Book Details

dear wallflower


Title: Dear Wallflower

Author: Sara Secora

Genre: Poetry

Publication Date: February 2020



Indulge your sensibilities in curated poetry and prose found only off the beaten path. These sentimental vignettes are the portal to a world where clouds float in an endless river, wallflowers blossom with untamed iridescence, and love can awaken even the most dormant of hearts. Leave stonewall reserves behind and soar into the abounding highs of self-discovery. Unlock your imagination and open the storybook of your soul as you cross the great divide between romanticism and reality. The bewildering depths of spirit lie in wait for those brave enough to take that imperative first step within.

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About the Author

sara secoraSara Secora has a passion for all things gamer and nerdy, as evidenced on her YouTube channel, AviGaming. She is also a well-branded voice over artist.

Secora has always been in love with writing, and nearly a decade ago, she finally turned her talents to the arduous endeavor of authoring an exciting fantasy trilogy. Her whimsical stories are full of enchantment, mystique, and insight—destined to intrigue readers of any age.

Secora lives in Detroit, Michigan, where she continues to explore old and new avenues for her talent and hard work.




dear wallflowerTitle: Dear Wallflower
Author: Sara Secora
Publication Year: 2020
Genres: Poetry
Source: eARC via YA Bound Book Tours
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Recommendation: Recommended for everyone who is looking for beautiful and inspiring poetry, for everyone who is looking for poetry about love and more, and for poetry lovers.

My Thoughts

her paper heart bleeds ink,
filling pages with love stories
that will never be hers to tell.

Finally, after about a year of search I have found a real and beautiful poetry book. At this point in time this is my favourite modern poetry book so far.

Love is a gradient.

It’s a fleck of glitter playing with sunlight,
casting a fractal rainbow.

It’s the way a mother soothes her child
when no one else can.

It’s the smile from across the room that
lightens shoulders.

It’s the purr of a kitten resting on a lap.

It’s the bloom of flowers in the spring.

It’s the kiss that brightens all colors.

It’s love, and it’s found in everything
we see; we must simply look.

The main theme in this poetry book is love but not only. It talks about love in general and love for yourself, about heart-break and lies, about fear, anxiety, pain and sadness, about identity, growth and being yourself, about dreams, about writing and poetry, and more.

her glass house heart

only fragile

until it shattered

then it made her sharp;

then it made her dangerous.

The poems were in many different forms, sizes and shape, some just couple of lines, some with couple of words per line making one sentence, some longer and in more classical format, some even rhymed, and some were like quotes. There were beautiful photos and nice drawings, which is not the case with many poetry books that I have read. It felt magical and special, the poems touched my heart and I loved it.

The scars


coffee stains

I wear

show the world

that I have stories to tell.

It’s beautiful, inspiring, emotional, real and even raw at times.

I dumped my love into dirt holes

hoping to plant a tree

but what grew were brittle twigs

and sad, unwanted weeds

all along I simply thought it was just me

that my love grew into pointless things

it’s when I walked between the verdant trees

admiring their grandeur and what I wished to be

that the stones rattled in my chest as my foot slid

into a hole I had never seen, in a place I had never been

with only a drop left to give, I tipped my love in

it sprouted into something more than I ever thought

I could even be

then flowers budded,

reaching every one of my branches

and I blossomed.

It’s hard to find poetry that resonates with you but this book did that. These poems expressed many different emotions and feelings, so at the end each of us can find something that will speak to your heart.

She’s the weed
living in the cracks
of chipped concrete.

The swamp
crying to become
the rainforest.

She’s the moth
that will never
be a butterfly.

The wallflower
that dreamed of
being the beauty queen.

This book was a small window into the author’s world, head and heart and that’s what gave each poem so much power.

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Thank you for visiting this stop of the blog tour and please  check out the other ones as well 😉

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