Bookish memes on Friday – March 8, 2019 (features ‘Protect Me’ by J.L. Beck and Cassandra Hallman)

Dear book-lovers,

It’s Friday and time for a Friday memes of Book Beginnings on Fridays hosted @ Rose City ReaderFirst Lines Fridays @ Wandering WordsThe Friday 56 hosted @Freda’s Voice. So the idea for this post is to share with you a few first lines from a book that I have decided to feature today, and to share a snippet from page 56 or in case of eBook a sneak peek 56% into the book. Let’s not keep you waiting and look at today’s featured book.

But before we get to this post, I wanted to say HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! At first I was considering to feature a book that would go with feminist theme, however, at the end I decided to feature the best book that I have read this week. So the book of the week is dark, very dark. It kind of is opposed to feminist point of view, as the hero of this book is more like anti-hero, he doesn’t treat women right and he is a hard-core criminal, who turns into a very possessive alpha man. But the heroine was a bit weak and very naive girl, however, she did grow to become a stronger woman than she was at the beginning at this book. So be warned this book is not for everyone as there are dark romance themes, a lot of violence, death and blood.

So here you go my favorite read of this week so far a romance thriller (which is balancing on a line between new adult and adult fiction) – Protect Me (The Rossi Crime Family #2) by J.L. Beck and Cassandra Hallman 🙂

The first lines of the book

Chapter 1 – Keira

I stare at my brother’s lifeless body on the floor of my apartment. I know what I need to do next, but I can’t move. My feet remain cemented to the floor, my brown eyes moving over the scene before me. There is blood…so much blood.

This beginning already hints at the darkness of this book. I’m so ready for a trip to the dark side of the moon 😉

56% into the book

Chapter 15 – Keira

A large body walks up behind her, and I nearly flinch. The look in Damon’s eyes is sinister. It promises death and destruction.

Damon is a scary man, he is dangerous, heartless and oh, so not the knight in shining armor type of guy, but he can be also alluring, exhilarating and make you scream in pain and pleasure at the same time.


Title: Protect Me
Author: J.L. Beck and Cassandra Hallman
Series: The Rossi Crime Family #2 (before known as Broken Heroes series)
Publication Year: 2019
Format: eBook (owned)
Pages: 228
Genres: Adult (New Adult), Romance, Thriller


Damon Rossi is a ruthless leader, and an even more ruthless man to my body, and heart. The moment I meet him I know he could kill me with nothing more than his hands. He controls the room, demands attention and when my brother is murdered for a debt he owes I’m forced into his protection. But that doesn’t mean he has to care about me.

Or pretend he values my life, which he doesn’t.

He’s a savage, over the top, and scary as hell, and even as I’m pushed further and further down the rabbit hole and into his dark dangerous world of criminals, thieves, and sex. I cling to him, knowing he’s the only one that can protect me from them all.

And yet when secrets are exposed, and lines are crossed Damon proves to me just how deep his protection for me goes… but his protection comes with a price that I cannot afford, and so I become his property making the chances of escaping this dark world slip further and further away from me.

Damon might protect me from his enemies but who’s to protect my heart from falling for him?

**This is book two in the Broken Heroes Series. It contains a happily ever after and is a complete standalone. It contains dark themes such as dubious content, sexual themes, violence, and swearing. Do not read this book if you dislike antiheroes.

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If these tiny snippets and synopsis from Keira’s POV of the book intrigued you, then you can check out an excerpt and synopsis from Daemon’s POV on its blitz post here.

Thanks for stopping by! I liked this book very much but in no way I support the themes and events that took place in it. However, I can put all that aside and enjoy the story as an entertainingly dark fiction and nothing more.

Are you ready for some danger, complicated and dark romance? Are you ready to put aside all you moral standards and enjoy this blood chilling and thrilling romance thriller that is meant only for 18+ audience?

Happy reading,
Lady of Bookland

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