Dear book-lovers,

In our every day life we don’t always get what we want, sometimes we have to live with disappointments and maybe even some regrets. Unfortunately, the same thing tends to happen also in our reading life. There are books that we anticipate for months and when we finally get it in our hands and start devouring this long waited treasure… It’s just doesn’t always go as we expected. I think that there are very few people who choose to read a book that they don’t want to love but sadly we end up not only disliking but even hating some of them. I have introduced you to the books that I loved in my few previous posts, so now it’s time to look at the other side of the bookshelf. I won’t mention those books that were OK reads but just less than what I expected. These won’t be books that simply disappointed me. Oh, no. These are the ones that I actually didn’t like – this is my list of the worst books read in 2018.

However, there is one rule – I should have gotten at least around half way trough the book for it to end up here on this list.

*Note. This post is NOT a personal attack on the authors or the people who like these books that ended up on this list. This is just my personal and subjective opinion and preference. Simply those books just weren’t meant for me or up to my liking. We all have different tastes, so you can like any of these books, and I respect your opinion.

the rules of persuasion

10. The Rules of Persuasion (The Rules of Persuasion #1) by Amity Hope (2.5 stars) – a YA contemporary romance with a cute and promising beginning and blackmail for fake dating that turns into quite a boring story half way trough. This was disappointing because I usually enjoy those cute, sweet and light Entangled Teen Crush books.

it seemed like a good idea at the time9. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time by Kylie Scott (2 stars) – an adult contemporary romance of forbidden love, which was missing actual romance and the chemistry between the main characters, also I was not a fan of those two. However, I had no problem with their age difference, which was the reason that made me excited about this story, but at the end this was such a disappointment.

dorothy must die8. Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die #1) by Danielle Paige (2 stars) – a YA fantasy and retelling of Wizard of Oz. I had very high expectations for it, but at the end I couldn’t connect to Amy or anyone else for that matter, it was missing the magical feeling of Oz, also nothing exciting happened, so I was very bored (this doesn’t happen a lot with fantasy books) and around half way trough I sadly added this book to my very tiny DNF pile. I thought I would love this book but it just happened to be one of the biggest disappointments ever. This one is an unpopular opinion.

beauty queens7. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray (2 stars) – a YA contemporary comedy with beauty pageant competitors (also includes lgbt characters) lost on uninhibited island. I must admit that this one highly disappointed me the same as ‘Dorothy Must Die’. However, it started out well, I even liked it at the beginning but then it just went down hill fast. I got bored and tired of those so called commercial breaks, they lost the fun factor for me really fast. Guess what? I hate commercials during movies and turns out it’s the same with the books. Also I was quite bored during the first half of the book that I didn’t try to read the rest. I didn’t meet those pirates, so maybe it got much better after the half mark but I’ll never know. Oh, one more unpopular opinion, this makes me sad, I wanted to love it.

driven to date6. Driven to Date (Better Date than Never, #7) by Susan Hatler (2 stars) – an adult contemporary romance, which promised some fake dating with the enemy, such a nice twist to both of my favourite tropes, so I was expecting some banter, a lot of fun and sparks flying every which way but all I got was big nothing. I was so bored that I couldn’t even finish reading this disappointing free e-book, DNFed at around 63%.

baby its christmas5. Baby, It’s Christmas: A Secret Baby Holiday Romance by Chloe Fischer (2 stars) – a contemporary romance with second chance and a secret baby, which made no sense to me. This story and characters were unrealistic, also it was missing actual Christmas atmosphere that the title of the book suggests.

shiver4. Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater (2 stars) – a YA paranormal romance about werewolves.  I can’t even talk about this book. I was sure I was going to love it. This is such an unpopular opinion because it seems like almost everyone loved this series. But I couldn’t, it was just so boring, nothing really happened, extremely slow paced story, and the love concept at the start was kind of a bit strange from Grace’s part. This was the most disappointing read of 2018, which I quit around 74% mark.

defy the stars3. Defy the Stars (My Alien Romance, #1) by Magan Vernon (2 stars) – a YA sci-fi romance with aliens and a secret government facility. I rolled my eyes in disbelieve, such an unrealistic and cheesy story with very little chemistry between the two main characters, and I won’t even get started with those two…it was a disaster that made me laugh about how unbelievable and ridiculous all of it was. There was also some resemblance to Twilight. *Note. This book was previously published by title ‘How to Date an Alien‘.

fallen too far2. Fallen Too Far (Rosemary Beach, #1; Too Far, #1) by Abbi Glines (1 star) – an NA contemporary romance. I DNFed this audio book at around 61%. A bit boring story with some unhealthy tropes, a lot of eye rolling, cringing and just unnecessary drama. I guess one more unpopular opinion, and it looks like I have several of those on this list.

because i love you1. Because I Love You by Amy Brent (1 star) – an adult second chance contemporary romance with secret baby and plus size heroine. This is the first book ever that I actually hated. It frustrated me a lot. I felt like it disrespected people and shamed them. I hated both MCs as they were disrespectful and horrible human beings. Also half of the book was just badly written sex scenes and no actual plot. This book was boring, with unnecessary drama, a bit unrealistic and very annoying. If I could give it minus stars, I would. I didn’t want someone to be able to say that I can’t review or talk about this book because I haven’t actually finished it, so I suffered trough this one till the very last word. Also, I didn’t skim it, I fully read it all, which made me cringe a lot. Just one big disappointment.  ‘Because I Love You’ receives the title of the worst book read in 2018, and  also, the title of the worst book of all time.

So here you go, this is my list of the worst books that I read in 2018, with some big disappointments and some unpopular opinions. However, I had a pretty decent reading year because out of 130 books I DNFed only 9 but not all of them were bad books, some of them were just not right for me at that time, and I disliked just 18 books (includes also abandoned reads as well). Which was your most disappointing or the worst book of 2018?

Happy reading,
Lady of Bookland

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2 thoughts on “TOP 10 WORST BOOKS READ IN 2018

  1. I really loved the Shiver series when I read it, but I was also muuuch younger when I did. I think I still have the books but I don’t plan to reread them, since I don’t feel like they’d hold up to it. I can definitely understand why the first was such a disappointment for you.


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