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It’s already year 2019 and time to take a look back at my reading year of 2018. I must admit that I read surprisingly many contemporary stories. This will be my TOP 5 list in each category of adult, new adult, and young adult books. On this list will be very few books that I actually loved as contemporary is not my favorite genre to read, so mostly you will find books that I liked a lot. However, I found a couple of authors that made me fall in love with their contemporary books. Now let’s just start with my favourite adult books of this year.

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TOP 5 adult contemporary books

Number 5
i can explain

I Can Explain (Awkward Love, #2) by Missy Johnson

A fun, light and sexy RomCom read with a bit of snappy banter, some hilarious, awkward and steamy situations, great chemistry, and sweet romance. I was entertained by this CEO and assistant’s romance story, so I gave it 3.75 stars. *Note. All of the books in this series are standalone novels and can be read in any other you like.


Number 4

faking itFaking It by K. Bromberg

One more cute, light, fun and sexy romance read with my favourite hate-to-love and also fake relationship tropes, but in my case this was an entertaining listening time, as 2018 was the year I finally listened to some audio books. Also this sweet story receives 3.75 stars from me. *Note. 3 stars is a good rating in my rating system, so this was a good book ūüėČ Paperback and Kindle editions are coming in January 8th 2019.

Number 3

arrogant devil


Arrogant Devil by R.S. Grey

This was the second adult contemporary book that I read in 2018. As this TOP 5 list shows, I had a chance to enjoy another sweet, sexy and funny hate-to-love RomCom¬†that brought many lovable and great characters in my 2018 reading life. This one was a solid 4 stars’ read for¬†me.


Number 2

anything you can doAnything You Can Do by R.S. Grey

So R.S. Grey has become one of my favourite adult contemporary authors as the second book I read of hers was one more hit for me. I very much enjoyed listening¬†to ‘Anything You Can Do’ audio book. Probably it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is one more¬†sweet,¬†lighthearted,¬†fun and sexy enemies-to-lovers RomCom book on my list. Again a solid 4 stars’ read. I just fell in love with Lucas Thatcher.

Number 1

ugly loveUgly Love by Colleen Hoover

This was a heart-breaking story. Oh, there was so many FEELS. I can’t say I enjoyed this book because the love story was a bit dark and twisted, there was so much pain and not a very healthy relationship but it was full of emotions. This one made me really cry, like not just a couple of tears but I needed bunch of napkins. This was an emotional read that receives 4 stars from me and title of the best adult contemporary book 2018.


TOP 5 new adult contemporary books

Number 5

the chase

The Chase (Briar U, #1) by Elle Kennedy

A sexy, sweet, and angsty slow-burn hockey romance. However, there are some trigger warnings, one off witch is attempted¬†rape.¬†An enjoyable and solid 4 stars’ read for me. *Note. This is the first book in the Off-Campus spin-off series, so to even better understand and enjoy this book¬†I would recommend reading first Off-Campus series, which I loved even more than this one.


Number 4

corruptCorrupt (Devil’s Night #1)

A great beginning to Devil’s Night series, a perfect Halloween read. Must say that this book is full of triggers, so be warned. However, if you enjoy dark and twisted steamy stories with some angst, mystery, suspense and romance then this will be just right for you.¬† ‘Corrupt’¬†kept my heart rate up and at times I thought my heart will just jump out of my chest. I was hell-of-a-lot entertained and kept on the edge of my sofa while listening to the audio book. I gave it 4.5 stars.

Number 3

the next flameThe Next Flame (Fall Away #4 & 4.5) by Penelope Douglas

This book includes Aflame – book 4 in Fall Away series and Next to Never – novella that takes place after book 4 and sets ground for the spin-off series, which I just can’t wait to read. Aflame was heart-wrecking, emotionally¬†intense, steamy, and entertaining read that told the story about the couple (Tate and Jared) from the fist book – ‘Bully’, which was not a perfect by any means, there is not a healthy relationship, its quite messy and complicated, but at the same time I loved it because there is so much emotions, passion and intensity that I enjoyed every single page. And this book was the same, it just grew on me and made me¬†love it as well. Also¬†Next to Never¬†was a sexy, fun and cute romance story, where we experience the blossoming of Quinn’s parents relationship and love, the same time we get a set up for a possible romance for Quinn and Lucas. I really hope the next book will be theirs.¬†5 flaming stars to both of this stories from me.

Number 2

the dealThe Deal (Off-Campus, #1) by Elle Kennedy

Wow, I don’t even have words for this¬†very entertaining, super-addictive, fun, swoon-worthy, steamy and intense read with hot ice-hockey players and sweet romance. But it did touch some darker issues as rape and abuse, so be warned about these triggers. I loved this book, Garrett and Hanna, and also side characters were quite lovable and fun to meet. ‘The Deal’ deserves 5 stars from me. *Note.¬†This is a must read for all the guilty-pleasure readers out there. And the cover is just swoon-worthy ūüėČ

Number 1

paper princessPaper Princess (The Royals, #1) by Erin Watt

This was a re-read from me, as I read and loved it also in 2017. So ‘Paper Princess’ fought the way on my favourites list again. Definitely one more super¬†addictive guilty-pleasure read.¬† This was very entertaining, angsty and steamy book. However, I must warn you that this was not a perfect book and relationships here were not healthy, but honestly, I didn’t care as this was just a roller-coaster ride of fun time for me,¬†also there are several triggers, like, attempted rape, different addictions, abuse and etc.¬† These Royals will ruin you, so 5 ruined stars from me. *Note. Elle Kennedy is one of the co-authors of this book, so now she is one of my favourite authors. ‘Paper Princess’ receives¬†title of the¬†best new adult contemporary book 2018 and BEST CONTEMPORARY BOOK¬†2018.

TOP 5 young adult contemporary books

Number 5

perfect chemistry


Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1) by Simone Elkeles

An entertaining, cute, angsty and fun YA romance of a good-girl falling for a bad-boy with a great character chemistry and some steamy scenes. I gave this a bit cheesy but still enjoyable book that received 4 stars from me.


Number 4

just pretending


Just Pretending (The Chicago Falcons, #3) by Leah and Kate Rooper

This was such a fun, cute, light and sweet YA romance story with cute hockey players, royals, misunderstandings and white Christmas. I gave this entertaining and fast read 4 stars.


Number 3

to all the boys i've loved before


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, #1) by Jenny Han

I can only say that this was so very adorable and cute YA romance, which also included a nice family dynamics. This was an emotional and solid 4 stars’ read for me.



Number 2

punk 57Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

This book had a unique beginning to sweet romance and angsty love story with some aspects from hate-to-love trope, which I love. However, this books was more than just a YA romance, there were other important issues looked at as finding your place among others, standing up for what you believe in and generally growing up and finding yourself, finding out who you really are and who you want to be. This was a great story, so 4 stars from me. *Note. I have become big fan of Penelope Douglas as all her books (more like a book per series) that I have read in 2018 are on this list.

Number 1

a list of cages

A List of Cages by Robin Roe

I very much enjoyed this book, even thou, it was quite a dark and hard read that punched me in the stomach and heart several times. Due to the hard themes I won’t be re-reading this emotional and amazing book, hence I could give it only 4 stars. However, ‘A List of Cages’ still receives¬†title of the¬†best young adult contemporary book 2018.



So here you go, this is my TOP 5 contemporary book list, and as you can see I prefer New Adult romance books in this genre. My favourite contemporary authors in 2018 were Penelope Douglas, Elle Kennedy and Erin Watt, and my favourite books were Paper Princess, The Deal and The Next Flame.

Which were your TOP contemporary books read in 2018 and your favourite contemporary author?

Happy reading,
Lady of Bookland

000 lady of bookland


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