First Lines Fridays / Book Beginnings on Fridays – July 13, 2018

Dear book-lovers,
There are two similar Friday book memes, so I’m doing both of them here in one post, which basically means, that I’m sharing with you the first lines of the book that I’m currently reading. Book Beginnings on Fridays is hosted @ Rose City Reader – Share the first sentence of the book you are reading along with your thoughts and impressions. And First Lines Fridays @ Wandering Words – Pick a book, open to the first page and share a few lines without spoilers and without revealing what the book is, then reveal the book.

I just finished reading third book in an addictive and steamy New Adult contemporary romance series and I’m going to start the last one soon. Here is the first line from the first book of this series (I chose to use the first book, just because I loved it so very much):

He doesn’t know I’m alive.

This is probably something that many girls have felt at some point in their lives. Here I would admit that this is an interesting beginning for a romance story.  I just want to say, before I reveal the name of the book and series, from where this first line comes, that they are awesome –  very entertaining, super-addictive, fun, swoon-worthy, hot and intense. I only hope that the last book, which I’m going to start reading after I finish this post, won’t disappoint me, as the order in witch I like these books are also the order in witch they were published, but I still loved all three of them. Let’s just keep fingers crossed for the last one as well 😉 A small fact, it’s is unbelievably easy for books to make me cry but laughing out loud is a different story, because I don’t really remember many books succeeding in doing that but these three books have actually accomplished this almost impossible task, so my prize to the author. Yup and now she is one of my favourite authors as this is series has joined favourites’ list 🙂


But let’s not keep you waiting any longer, so this first lines come from …






The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy

the deal

So for the past three days I have been falling in love with Briar’s hockey players, especially, Garret Graham. Mmmm-hmmm… Have you read The Deal or any of the books in Off-Campus series? Did you love them like me? Oh, and I’m so excited for possible chance to glimpse some more tidbits off our favourite characters’ lives in the upcoming spin-off series. Insert happy dance here 🙂

What book are you reading at the moment? Feel free to share the first lines of it and the name of the book in comments!

Happy reading,
Lady of Bookland

000 lady of bookland

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